The EuroFaeries is a movement of gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans-gendered people and their supporters, who believe that all gay people have a unique identity and cultural heritage within humanity. The movement strives to help people discover that identity and heritage by offering a safe space and diverse opportunities for individual, creative and spiritual growth.

The EuroFaeries provide alternatives to urban gay culture:

  • by creating a context for the discovery, exploration and expression of gay spirituality, through the acknowledgment of playfulness and creativity as integral parts of that spirituality;
  • by acknowledging the importance of nature and its forces within gay spirituality;
  • by fostering, in each individual, a personal search for gay spiritual identity;
  • by acknowledging and accepting the fluidity of gender;
  • by allowing for freedom of expression without judgment.
  • The EuroFaeries also encourages each individual:

  • to live cooperatively rather than competitively, through achieving greater intimacy and trust;
  • to make a personal commitment to the community;
  • to create a supportive network and a resource through its membership.

  • The EuroFaeries, as an organization, has the commitment to the process of group consensus without suppressing individuality. It also strives to never let organizational structure overtake it’s goals and intentions.

    The EuroFaeries is an extension of the Radical Faerie movement, which originated in the United States in the late 1970s. The first international gathering of faeries in Europe happened during the summer of 1995, on the Dutch island of Terschelling. Since then, the movement has grown both in number of faeries and in number of nationalities, thus melting the North American traditions into an uniquely European movement, with it’s own international culture and sensibilities.

    Currently, the EuroFaeries produces an annual programming of meetings, circles, workshops and a few international gatherings, among other events. Although so far most activities are concentrated in France and the Netherlands, there are quite a few events in Germany and England. In addition, the EuroFaerie network extends further than Western Europe to countries such as Estonia and the Ukraine, and also connects back to it’s roots with the Radical Faeries in North America.

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