What is a faerie gathering?

A faerie gathering is simply that: a gathering of those persons who identify as or have interest in the Radical Faeries. Every gathering is different: sometimes gatherings are very large and active, sometimes small and quiet, and everything in between.

Gatherings are exactly what we feel; we co-create them together. Gatherings are a true expression of faerie community and culture. Gatherings are open and welcome to all. Gatherings are the very best times to make contact with the radical faeries.

In the Past

The first international gathering of faeries in Europe happened during the summer of 1995, on the Dutch island of Terschelling. Since then, the movement has grown both in number of faeries and in number of nationalities, thus melting the North American traditions into a uniquely European movement, with it’s own international culture and sensibilities.

In the present

Currently, the EuroFaeries who live in various parts of Europe organize, meetings, parties, circles, workshops and a few large international gatherings each year.

Although by far most activities are concentrated at our Sanctuary, Folleterre in France, the Albion Faeries organize numerous gatherings in the UK, and there are active circles and quite a few events in various parts of Germany, The Netherlands (especially around Amsterdam), France (especially in Paris), Austria (centered around Vienna with its heart opened to the East), and among newly active circles in Belgium and Denmark.

In the future

An up-to-date list of large upcoming Gatherings in Europe is always maintained on the homepage of the Eurofaeries.

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