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Here you can access gatherings that take place in Folleterre sanctuary. There might be no events displayed here until close to the start of the season. Be patient or get in touch with the gathering princesses here.

On this link you will get access to a list of gatherings hosted by the Albion Faeries.


other events :

Inaugural gathering ‘Fate di qua, fate di là’
Florence, Italy
(April 16-21, 2024)

The inaugural gathering in Italy will take place between 16th to 21st April 2024 near Florence. read more here (a PDF will open with the gathering description).

Our new Radical Faeries of Europe Association is proud to support this new adventure. If you would like to register for the Italian gathering, please click here. (opens as a pdf)


Summer Transcendence 2024 Call

Summer Solstice Gathering – “ABUNDANCE!”
Where : YHA Minehead, Somerset, UK
When : 14th – 23rd June 2024

🧚 Yoo-Hoo Faeries!

Come transgender spirits, gender non-conforming bodies, intersex inspirers, non-binary beings, a-gender wonders, queer women warriors, questioning cuties –
It is our time to drop the masks we wear and blossom together.

When caught in the fray of society’s appropriation of our identities, we need to make space where we can feel free in the truth of our own skin, souls and honour the honesty of our hearts calling.

The Building and Location : YHA Minehead
A country retreat in an attractive house high in Somerset’s Exmoor hills. Enchantingly situated in a woodland hideaway, the hostel offers magnificent grounds while being situated close to some of Somerset’s most beautiful coastline.

Not only is Minehead a picturesque seaside resort with a cracking sandy beach, it’s also the northern gateway to Exmoor National Park, the area’s largest town and the start point of the South West Coast Path – the nation’s longest long-distance walking trail.

For more information, and to register, please use this link to the Albion Faeries Gatherings page:


Vienna’s EUROGAMES Faerie Gathering July 16 – 21, 2024

Pre-Gatherette July 13-16, Faeriehouse Linz
for 6 days of Summer Love, Community, Freedom and Respect

during the EUROGAMES 2024 (July 17-20) on Karlsplatz (Eurogames Village and Ceremonies just nearby to our Community rooms and Faerieflat)

to celebrate diversity, equality and inclusion
to visit athletes, sport events or our own games
in this beautiful city in the Heart of Europe

Please register as soon as possible to help us planning and to get our newsletter and the latest infos about events and our participants simply by sending us an Email to:

More information:


What is a faerie gathering?

A faerie gathering is a gathering of those persons who identify as or have interest in the Radical Faeries. Every gathering is different, as sometimes they are very large and active, sometimes small and quiet, and they may be everything in between.

Gatherings are exactly what we feel them to be and we we co-create them together. They are a true expression of faerie community and culture. Gatherings are experimentations and learning and are open and welcome to all, unless specified otherwise in the gathering call. Gatherings are great times to make contact with others persons with interest or identification with the Radical Faeries.

The first international gathering of faeries in Europe happened during the summer of 1995, on the Dutch island of Terschelling. Since then, the movement has grown both in number of faeries and in number of nationalities, thus melting the North American traditions into a uniquely European movement, with its own international culture and sensibilities.

Spaces & Communities

Currently, the EuroFaeries who live in various parts of Europe organise meetings, parties, circles, workshops and a few large international gatherings each year.

Although most activities take place in our Sanctuary in Folleterre, France, the Albion Faeries also organise numerous gatherings in the UK. There are active circles and quite a few events in various parts of Germany, Spain, The Netherlands (especially around Amsterdam), France (especially in Paris), and Austria (centred around Vienna with its heart opened to the East), and among newly active circles in Belgium and Denmark.

Navigate to the online sites by clicking on the links above.  Connect to other faeries and find out more about faerie groups and spaces around Europe!

Past events in 2023 – Archived

Here is a list of gatherings that will take place in Europe organised by groups and individuals close to the Radical Faerie identity and groups:

Roots’n Fruits Gathering, 12-19 March, Folleterre, France

Ostara Spring Gathering, 14-23 March, Featherstone Castle, UK

Spring Witches Gathering, 01-10 April, Valley de Sensationes, Yator, Andalusia, Spain

Great Circle of Hadas del Sol, 11-15 April, Valley de Sensationes, Yator, Andalusia, Spain

Green Man Gathering, 07-14 April, Vianden, Luxemburg

Magic Gathering, 15-19 April, Storridge, UK

Spring Community Week, 18-26 April, Folleterre, France

Gaia Gatherette, 20-23 April, Herbeumont, Belgium

C’est Beltane, 28 April – 08 May, Folleterre, France

Spring Love Awakening Gathering, 04-14 May, Glastonbury, UK

Summer Solstice Gathering, 16-26 June, Folleterre, France

Sussex Summer Solstice Gathering, 17-24 June, Sussex, UK

Summer Solstice Gathering, 20-25 June, De Kluut Island, The Netherlands

A Summer in Berlin Faerie City Gathering, 28 June- 01 July, Berlin, Germany

Summer Community Week, 21 July – 02 August, Folleterre, France

4th Global Gathering, 26 July – 03 August, Estonia

Hearts & Minds Gathering, 03-09 August, Folleterre, France

Being Alive Gathering, 05-12 August, Krakow, Poland

Gurlz Just Wanna Harvest!, 11-20 August, Folleterre, France

Radical Rest, 22-31 August, Folleterre, France

Samhain Gathering, 17-26 October, Featherstone Castle, UK

Hecate Gathering, 27 November – 3 December, Mettet, BE

Please consult the email contacts in the gathering call documents or online sites for more information about the events. Please let us know in case you think a gathering should (not) be listed here.

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