100th anniversary of the birth of HARRY HAY

We have been a separate people…. Drifting in a parallel existence, not always conscious of each other..
yet recognising each other when we did meet .. here nd ther as outcasts… Spirit-people… in service to the Great Mother..
Shamans.. mimes and rhapsodies, poets and playwrights, healers and nurturers.

Harry Hay

100th anniversary of the birth of HARRY HAY, radical faerie pioneer, who was born in
WORTHING, UK on april 7th 1912.

Saturday, 7 April 2012
12:30 until 21:00

Born of American parents, Harry was one of the key figures giving birth to radical faerie gatherings.
His life of campaigning and creating radical groupings happened in the states but he entered the world on the south coast of England!

Faeries will meet at Worthing rail station at 12.30 lunchtime
and explore Harry’s home town, taking photos and videos to share with faeries across the globe.

We will have time on the beach and will be gathering at a faerie house for heart circle late afternoon.
Worthing is 1hr20min train journey from london victoria – tickets booked in advance can be
as little as £5 each way, so sort your transport now!

Please join the facebook page for this event for more updates:

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