We gather together with Faerie friends of all sex and genders from all over Europe and the whole world, for a week of summer-love, light and laughter!

Late Summer by the Lake, a male-identified Eurofaerie Gathering
WHEN: August 4 to August 12, 2012.
WHERE: ‘Haus-am-Wannsee’ in Berlin.
COME AWAY WITH THE FAERIES to Berlin’s beautiful Wannsee Lake. We gather together with faerie friends from all over Europe and the whole world, for a week of summer-love, light and laughter. Expect faerie frolics, bodywork, outdoor fun and plenty of space to play. It is a chance for international encounters, workshops, and meditation. There will be Heart Circles for the body and soul. Song, dance and drumming are also an integral part of faerie life.
Join us to create a safe space in our nice little house just a few steps away from the lake, located in a forest, and just a short train journey from central Berlin.

We are drawn by a desire for deeper connections to our fellow faeries, nature and ourselves. Heart Circle is the first place in which we build connections of community and compassion. We hope to open ourselves to new experiences, healing, and celebration of the joy and creativity that is our faerie nature. Participation in all activities is voluntary – be that on a cultural, practical or healing level.
However like all previous faerie gatherings, its atmosphere and success is very much dependent on what you make out of it. What you contribute adds to the very special energy of the event. So open your hearts, bring your ideas and feel free to organize and facilitate circles, country walks, workshops, rituals and the like.

More info at the Berlin Faerie Cirkle Blog

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