Billys 25th Anniversary Gathering in Saratoga Springs

For the sake of building bridges to other communities that support our mission and share our values, here’s a call for the Billys 25th Anniversary Gathering in Northern California.

Come bask in the warmth of Billy community this winter. In just a few weeks we will gather at beautiful Saratoga Springs in Northern California to celebrate our 25th Anniversary. The Board of Directors has crafted a celebration gathering unlike mid-winters past that will bring us closer together through workshops and rituals and culminate in a Gala Dinner and an Anniversary Celebration of our mission to foster community, intimacy and personal exploration. Whether you have been with us from the start or are here for the first time BRING YOURSELF and share your gifts as we weave together our lives as unique and wondrous individuals into a dynamic tapestry of community.

In all our years together, the place where our talent, artistry and spirit has been most evident is in the talent shows. This year’s theme is YESTERDAY, TODAY and TOMORROW…IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER. Bring your instruments, your wondrous wardrobe, your raucous drag, and your finest magic to re-create the high points of years past, showoff your latest poetry, art and songs, or imagine the talent show of the future. Let creativity loose and revel in joy and laughter. You won’t want to miss this one!

Banish the mid-winter chill with a few clicks of the mouse. Registration is open now and scholarships are available. Come into community and create a celebration. This gathering welcomes gay and bi-sexual men, transmen and Billykin.

Manifest is at Saratoga Springs, Lake county, California, Thursday Feb. 28 – Sunday March 3. Details here. Manifest Gathering is open for online registration and payment here with credit/debit card. Or to pay by check, download this pdf and print page 3, fill out and mail in with your check to The Billys, PO Box 12205, Santa Rosa, CA 95406-2250.

Scholarship deadline: Fri. Feb. 8, 5 pm at the Billy Office or for an Attendance Lottery if we need it. Regular Registration deadline: Fri. Feb. 15, 5 pm at the Billy Office. After 5 pm is Late Registration, which costs $100/night subject to food/housing availability and payment in full.

Gathering Call: 2013.Celebration

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