Featherstone Castle 2013 Gathering Call

Good day gentle beings, of all shapes, sizes, genders, nationalities, species and planet of origin.

Here is the ‘Call’ for the 2013 featherstone event.

2012 is rattling toward its close……perhaps one of the most uncertain collections of months modern humans have faced…. a time when change is being demanded and when people are growing in number who believe a hug has greater value than a credit card.

Once again, I have great pleasure in presenting the Eurofaeries Featherstone castle event, 10 days of fun frolics, glitter, music, hugs, love, great food, fantastic company – from across the globe.

The Eurofaeries attract a massive diversity of people from all walks of life, skills, specialities each with their own gifts.

The events themselves follow the successful formula of a mix of pre planned and ad hock activities arranged throughout, there could be bread making, body painting, singing and much dancing, from ball room to flamenco, from disco to gangnam.
There will be those who wish to sit quietly – absorbing the atmosphere – maybe while reading a book…. others will want to dress in fabulous clothes and dance, play or entertain. An Auction will probably happen, which helps raise funds to keep costs within everyone’s reach. the Auctions can include anything, from a memento from home, to a service that might be performed during the event, so all faeries with all levels of income can contribute to this important part of the event.

Were looking for our own membership to find among themselves and volunteer a kitchen faerie, who will be asked to watch and maintain kitchen supplies, overseeing/supporting others who may wish to step forward and cook for everyone.

These are full community events, where we will cater for and clean up after one another. We will decorate the castle to our own tastes and bring sparkles of magic to a beautiful and loved…. if slightly aged and wobbly castle!

You can check out the link above which will take you directly to our site and a booking form

And if you use facebook, dont forget to link yourself to the featherstone 2013 Facebook page.

Your organising team

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