First Community Gathering of the year

Folleterre, APRIL 14 / 24

The first practical Folleterre community days of 2013 will take place quite early this year, before Beltane. When green is still very green and the ground will be covered by hundreds of white wild anemones, followed by wild garlic leaf, primrose and marsh marigolds. Last fall part of the pine production on our land was heavily thinned out by a lumber company. They left a number of trees which we marked to save and which will keep monumental value. Especially in the years to come when we will bring in a more diverse mixture of leaf trees that will mingle in more naturally than the dominating long and dark rows with no undergrowth at all. Everybody with a feel for the outdoors, or with a drive to tackle indoor renovation jobs, or with supportive household and or kitchen skills, is greatly welcomed to join. By planting a tree you can really leave a personal landmark. Many trees that will live more than 100 years, will still be there after you left this earth and still purify air, and house a great diversity of bird- and insectlife. Next to garden- and land jobs we might also continue doing more renovation carpentry work inside the house.

The income that we received from commercial timber is reserved to improve our water source system. In the first place to secure a more continuous supply of safe drinking water and secondly, after more funds are raised or saved, to built a permanent shower and toilet system indoors. At this time the administrative council and stewards are still in debate with contractors and specialists to find the most effective method. The most simple solution; expanding the source uphill with a larger water reservoir plus a double filter system does now prove, due to a irregular surface water flow, not the best solution. So presently we are investigating alternative options. If things work out within the time frame that we have planned, we can possibly assist getting the water project done this spring.

Please let me know that you are coming, as soon as you have definite plans by using this special email address : If for whatever reason you cannot contribute physically please consider to donate financially. On the folleterre website you will find a link how. Let’s have a productive start of the year and celebrate the first beautiful spring community days together.
with love, Junis

See the Folleterre websitefor more info.

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