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  1. 6th February 2011 at 6:09 pm

    Are you looking for a Dutchspeaker for this responsibility?

  2. monika
    6th February 2011 at 9:20 pm

    hi, i have some experience of cooking with communities (buddhist and taoist retreats, spiritual gatherings) and even though i wouldn’t take alone responsibility for a group of 40 i could help, give kooking suggestions, and if appropriate and requested coordinate a cooking team. i am italian and very fond of vegetarian cooking (although not 100% veg myself); about planning, i guess you will need lots of rice, will you have vegetables supply available in the neighborhood? or you will travel to stores like oonce a week.. if this is for summer camp you could ask participants about their eating habits/taboos in advance..
    you will have some experience from past years..
    what about equipment? pots, fridges, freezers, stoves, storage..
    what about drinks? alcohol allowed?
    what is provided, what will people bring? will there be a call for voluntary helpers?
    back to lists, tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, garlic onion ginger spices (curry, paprika, pepper, salt, herbs..) got a vegetable garden there? what about a foraging experience?
    thees/ coffee all day available.. muesly yoghurt.. cakes-bisquits.. bread and knaeckebrot..
    fruits available all day
    vegetable soups in the evening, salads for lunch, risotto, grilled vegetables..
    it’s a matter of fantasy, and of course organization..
    well just some ideas, if you like i’ll be glad for your feedback

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