Australian Faeries Summer Solstice Gathering

Yooooooooo Hooooooooooo

Australian Summer Solstice Gathering: December 16th – 23rd

The Ultimate expression of the solar energies
Gaia has fully exhaled her Life Force into the terrestrial
You can sense it everywhere – you can see it flying, hear it buzzing, feel it crawling over you,
It really is! Life is really going for it!
So this is exactly the right time,
The perfect moment to come together,
With intentions, visions, possibilities, realisations
Streaming out, spilling over.
The Summer Gathering

We invite you to join us for the Gathering to take time out from the world for a week to continue your faerie journey, surrounded by faeries, in the fae forest at our Summer Solstice Gathering, December 16th – 23rd 2012.

For details visit the web site:
If you are planning to come please register so we can organise food and accommodation.

Blessed be!

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