Community Gathering Lumber Days October 20 / 27 2012

What has often been described as the best days on the land; late summer and fall, might happen again during the Lumber Jane’s and Jack’s outdoor activities and festivities !

Together with neighboring Lanai land, a professional clear cut of the commercial pine tree plantation is about to happen in the coming weeks. This will give us a new chance to bring in more diversity and to connect naturally with the surrounding State Forest, which has a protected nature reserve status. Another most exciting aspect will be a new view of the valley below us, making it possible to cast the eye many kilometers into the horizon.

Directly connected to this project is another project; the installation of a large water reservoir on the opened land 50 meter up hill, with a filter system and a pipe line to the house. This will be the first step towards new installations indoors, like toilets and showers.

At this stage the start- and ending dates of contract work are not set yet, possibly we can still assist technicians with the installation, otherwise we will have the following tasks to choose from :

* Production of firewood for the kitchen stove and wood burning stoves in the house.
* Cutting back more ash turning it to coppice.
* Clearing the land after the lumber company has left.
* Making inventory and marking new forest patches, meadows and a planned new orchard.
* Pruning all fruit trees, new and old apple and pear trees, a chance to learn a new skill!
* Watermanagement , clearing ditches and canals, assuring correct drainage and water flows.
* Prepare the flower and vegetable garden for winter and next spring.

Faeries young and not so young be all very wellcome ! Even when you think you cannot contribute physically outdoors, there are plenty of other ways to share what you can do best. To mention a few; cooking, pampering, assisting, massaging, painting, carpentry, shopping, or just enjoying yourself and entertaining others. We will make sure that everybody works in his or her own comfortable tempo, with enough leasure time to enjoy the beauty of the season while going for instance on mushroom hunting tours..

Plan your stay before the end of september and let us know as soon as possible by email : ( email response active first week of september)
Costs usually will turn out as low as € 10,- a day. ( nobody turned away for lack of funds, but try to pay what you can)
I will be on the land most of october and have limited access to the internet. After recieving your registration we will get back to you with more information, like; car sharing, directions, what to bring, address and telephone.
Wishing you all, beautiful late summer days,

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